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    HNTR - Logo Introduction

    HNTR aims to encourage men and women to tap into their innate power to be more aggressive in accomplishing their goals. Our brand draws influence from the constellation Orion, the hero and great hunter. Like a hunter, we emphasize finding your true aim, following that passion, and hunting what feeds you.

    We understand the journey toward achieving your dreams is laborious and complicated. We can become distracted from what matters most and what brings us fulfillment. Through our products, we hope to help empower those who wear them and inspire others on the same journey of finding their greatest self.


    HNTR is a stylized spelling of "Hunter" that draws influence from Orion, the hero and great hunter in greek mythology. The logo represents the constellation of Orion's belt with the slanted crossbar in the "H". The ancient Egyptians believed that the gods descended from the belt of Orion in the form of human beings and are in sacred alignment with the pyramids at Giza. For HNTR, this means focusing on the greatness within us and following our passions.

    Animal Totems

    Animal totems are an important part of HNTR. These totems represent powerful characteristics we can harness.

    • Jaguar // Power
    • King Cobra // Passion
    • Elephant // Peace
    • Grizzly Bear // Balance
    • Gray Wolf // Instinct